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Our research focuses on advancing imaging sciences through computational methods. Currently we have two focused areas. The first one is in the area of PET/CT imaging, where we have developed innovative methods for high-resolution image reconstruction, dynamic PET data analysis, and image quality evaluation for system optimization. Our methods have been applied to data acquired on various scanners, including the world's first 2-m EXPLORER PET/CT scanner and the NeuroExplorer next-generation Brain PET/CT scanner, and have been implemented on commercial systems by manufacturers. The second area is the application of AI/machine learning to medical imaging with the ultimate goal to integrate multi-modality data for clinical guidance. This work is part of the recently NIH-funded National Center for Interventional Biophotonics Technologies at UC Davis. Our work is mostly funded by the National Institutes of Health and industry.

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Dynamic movie showing the distribution of an injected tracer at 100-ms temporal resolution. You can clearly observe the tracer flowing from the venous injection site to the right ventricle of the heart, then to the lung and back to the left ventricle of the heart, and finally into the major arteries.